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Preventative Maintenance

A preventative maintenance program includes:

1. An inspection - Our experienced VSP service crew will come out to inspect your roof. We follow a detailed checklist and thorough inspection process to ensure that nothing is overlooked. This checklist has over 50 items and documents:

        • Areas of defects

        • Points of deterioration

        • Compromised roof accessories and assemblies

2. Recommendations - Based on the inspection and your individual needs, our associates will develop a customized plan with recommendations to help keep your roof in great shape. These include:

        • General housekeeping

        • Roof cleaning/debris removal

        • Caulk terminations

        • Pipe seals

        • Leak repairs

        • Adding safety accessories

        • Updates to remain OSHA compliant

3. Implementation - Based on our recommendations, we will work with you to develop a schedule and course of action for routine care and maintenance to your roof. We will come out to complete the scheduled roofing service/repairs and provide you with a report once our work has been completed.

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